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ROG Zephyrus Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – The ROG Zephyrus lineup was the best that Asus offered to users when it was related to video gaming. Seeking to stay true to this and expand into new markets, the company has actually launched its Zephyrus G14 in India, targeted at creators and portable gamers. The variation we have for review is priced at Rs 1, 61990 with high-end specifications.

I never thought I would be saying this about 'a gaming laptop, but battery life is similarly excellent.' During my typical weekday of switching between a dozen Chrome tabs, running Slack, and sometimes Netflix streaming or Spotify on 50 percent brightness and a balanced battery profile, I got about 8 hours and 50 minutes of juice. That suggests the G14 can make it through a weekday on batteries and can handle a long bus or airplane ride. The device took 41 minutes to charge up to 60 percent on the Asus plug and aims very much the same via USB-C for 53 minutes.5 Best ROG Zephyrus Black Friday Deals | 2020At the end of the day, the Zephyrus G14 can handle the multitasking you need to do it. Keyboard, touchpad and battery life are outstanding. If you don't mind the low resolution screen and fans you can hear, you'll be happy with the G14 as your main gadget.

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Black Friday is on 23 November this year. Typically, Black Friday U.S. It is celebrated on Thanksgiving day (Thanksgiving day). There is a tight competition between retailers on Black Friday and you will get your last chance to buy ROG Zephyrus at a lowest prices. Below we have covered up some of the best ROG Zephyrus Black Friday deals. You can get up to 50% off on top-selling products and much more.

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Among my obvious takeaways is that the Zephyrus G14 is just a pleasant laptop to take a look at and use. The style is clean and appealing, looking high-tech without screaming that it's a video gaming rig from its style, color, and branding. I especially like our white lid model, which both sticks out of the pack and makes the system look extra modern day (it also comes in dark brown). The diagonally split cover is a nice touch, with pores on one half and empty white magnesium alloy on the other. The laptop computer seems high quality to the touch — it's slightly dense due to its type aspect, but easy to carry or slip into a bag, and there's no flex discovered.

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During this Black Friday and Cyber Monday & Christmas Sale 2020, all the top brand stores will cut the price of their Laptops. So don’t miss your last chance on ROG Zephyrus and grab the best deals of the year.

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Apple MacBook Air Black Friday 2020 Deals - Avail Huge Discounts & Deals On Apple MacBook Air. Although total portability has actually improved a lot, I still want to highlight that it's a real, complete player in a 14-inch type aspect. Given that I'll see so many laptop computers for review functions, it's simple to take brand new normal for given, but it's excellent to finally have these much more portable options.Here the footprint is quite compact, while the weight is great for a gaming laptop. Those gaming parts add direct heft compared to normal-use laptops — the 14-inch Dell Inspiron 14 7000 is just 2.9 pounds, for example — though Asus has an exceptional weight and size working keeping down.

Processor Brand
Processor Type
AMD Ryzen 7
Hard Drive Capacity
512 GB
Processor Core Type
Video Game Platform
See Description
Product Line
Zephyrus G, GA502
Processor Speed
2.3 GHz
Manufacturer Part Number
Wireless Technology
IEEE 802.11ac
RAM Memory
8 GB
Maximum RAM Supported
32 GB
Operating System
Windows, Windows 10
Screen Size
NVM Express (NVMe),

  • Sleek and portable
    Streamlined design and stealthy styling help the ROG Zephyrus G blend in everywhere from battle stations and LAN parties to classrooms and coffee shops. Travel effortlessly between them with a compact body. Though quietly confident, the understated looks remain unmistakably ROG.
  • Work hard, play hard
    Intelligently configured and expertly tuned, the ROG Zephyrus G features a CPU that slices through serious work and everyday multitasking. The GPU provides ample horsepower for a wide range of popular games and VR experiences.
  • Longer life on the go
    The ROG Zephyrus G strikes a perfect balance between power and portability. Its energy-efficient hardware provides enough power for serious gaming, while also supplying sufficient battery life for hours of video playback and Wi-Fi web browsing. Spend less time plugged in to a wall socket and more time on the move, surfing, streaming, and playing.
  • Amp up your audio
    The ROG Zephyrus G's twin front-firing speakers put you directly in the heat of the action. Powered by Smart Amp technology, the speakers stay within thermal and excursion limits no matter how much you crank up the volume. This mitigates distortion and prevents damage to the cones for audio that's louder, bassier, and has more dynamic range.
  • Intelligent cooling
    ROG's intelligent cooling philosophy mixes the right features and system settings to ensure a better experience for each chassis and components, no matter what you're doing. The Zephyrus G's self-cleaning thermal module ejects dust to improve long-term stability.

The 2 models above our unit are actually the same except their outer color (white or brown). Each costs $1,999.99 and has the same element as our design, but with a 60Hz 1440p display and a unique outside of the laptop computer lid. We saw (and enjoyed) this cover in our hands on the preview of these laptop computers from CES 2020. Thanks to a personalized LED matrix behind the pores, you can decorate the cover with text or perhaps pursue GIF images.

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Have An Incredible Bargain On ASUS Vivobook Flip 14. It is relatively basic, but very comfortable to use. Major travel is moderate, and probably slightly more on the sentimental side than the norm, but it's responsive. The deck around thekeyboard and touchpad is silver on our white lid design, and the magnesium alloy feels great to touch. I like the feel of the lid more than that deck, and I think aluminum feels more premium here, but alloy helps keep weight down better for more affordable plastic.PCMark 10 and 8 are overall performance suits developed by PC criteria experts in UL (previously Futuremark). The PCMark 10 test mimics the various real-world efficiency and content production workflows we run. We use it to assess overall system performance for office-centric tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet jockeying, web surfing and videoconferencing. PCMark 8, meanwhile, is a storage subtest that we use to assess the speed of the system's boot drive. Both tests receive a special numerical score; Greater numbers are much better.You need to come away affected by Zephyrus G14 and 4900HS in these tests. This laptop computer was connected to the best performer (or best in all three parameters), in a smaller size chassis than all, but with blade 13 and the cheapest price tag. its eight cores and 16 threads flew through these tests r .Intel elative for competitors, especially in the cinebench. While gaming will stay high based on GPU (see the following tests), the CPU helps every bit of performance.Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is an excellent laptop on every front. We like the way it looks, the compact form factor is useful and, in a way, soothing to use, and the performance is excellent. AMD's new CPU really shines, and puts a lot of pressure on Intel in this price variety, as it did on the desktop. This CPU is faster for normal use, more efficient than competitors for media, and there were no irritants to video gaming. The possibility of fitting a high-level GPU into this chassis is unlikely, and is where larger competitors can set themselves apart (as well as boasting larger screens).Although those chickpeas feel excellent for typing in this cost variety for a laptop computer, offering a solid 1.7 mm journey. The accuracy touchpad also works well. A robust-to-normal stereo speaker system has front-driving tweeters and rear-driving woofers for a besier sound than you normally hear from smaller laptop computers.

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